About Us

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Our company is projected into the future with the vision of becoming a leader in the real estate market, offering an excellent service and personalized attention to all our clients in terms of advice on buying and selling and rental, both in the branch of real estate as in the legal area, thus combining comprehensive attention, giving priority to our core values and principles such as honesty and professionalization of each of the members that make up our company.


We are a company whose mission is to offer quality services for sale, rent and legal advice in the real estate area, mainly in Perthshire, with certified and trained personnel, which uses information and communication technologies to optimize the relationship with our clients, giving priority to our core values and principles, thereby strengthening the real estate sector.


In Rockaway Lanes, we have the best team of real estate advisors in the market, willing to advise you, highly qualified, performing a professional service and focused on getting the best option for you.
By choosing us for the promotion of your property we offer the best service:

• Visit and photographic survey.
• Advice on the price of your property.
• Promotion in our network of web portals nationally and internationally.
• Promotion in the 6 most visited real estate portals in the UK completely free.
• Physical installation of poster or notice of sale.
• Security filters in potentially interested customers.
• Notices in various local publications and/or newspapers.
• Scheduled visits with selected clients.
• Documentation analysis of potentially interested customers.
• Preparation Promise of purchase-sale or real estate reservation.
• Advice on Real Estate Taxes.
• Help in the preparation of the documents and mandatory procedures in the operation.
• Presence in all sales closing processes to help and advice.

We have the client looking for your property. It’s up to you to take the right decision.

Your decision will always be the best.

Always at your service…