July 20, 2021

How to Sell your House during the Pandemic

By Mario Meyer
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Last year was not the best for the real estate market. Property sales in Scotland fell 48.4% in 2020. Movement restrictions directly interfered with the various sales processes, and indoor seating regulations limited the ability to display houses or apartments.

With this, digital alternatives increased and the work of agents was enhanced. Companies used video calling to replace salesrooms and adopted virtual reality tours to deliver a face-to-face experience.

Today the digital transformation of the industry allows us to generate effective options such as online communication with executives in charge of projects, real-time quotes, and pre-approval of mortgage loans in a centralized way. In addition, it is necessary to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

But to have a successful sales process, you need to consider certain important factors. What are these? We explain it to you below.

1. The more details the better

Unlike before, the publication of your property must have as much detail as possible. It is not enough to highlight only the attributes, but also the things that need to be fixed.

Why? Because you have to limit the visits of the interested parties as much as possible. Before the health crisis, people visited the property on average three times before deciding to buy. Now that reality is different and you have to adapt.

2. Have all the documents ready

Before putting a price on your home, it is key that you carry out an assessment to know how much the properties are selling for in your sector. Of course, in the current context, this process can take several months. That is why there are virtual assessment tools that allow you to have a preliminary notion.

We can also search for properties on multiple web portals, and see that they are similar in terms of square meters, location, years of age, orientation, finishes, and equipment. It is recommended to use a spreadsheet to go on comparing.

3. Inform the protocols

Visiting a home in the midst of a health crisis is not easy. Therefore, you must inform well the protocols that must be followed when a meeting is held to view the property. The parties must be well-coordinated on the self-care measures that are being taken.

It should be demanded that during the visit they are all wearing masks and that social distancing is respected. In these circumstances, it is not wise to bring two interested parties together since the ideal thing to do will be to keep a timeframe of at least 10-15 minutes between visits to be able to ventilate.

4. Be flexible

In the middle of a health crisis, inconveniences happen. That is why you have to take into account the flexibility factor and be prepared when unforeseen appear.

If you sign a promise of sale, you have to be relatively flexible with the deadlines, establishing in the document possibilities for the extension of these. The current context makes it difficult to close operations and obtain the necessary documentation to meet the conditions within a certain time, so it is important that the seller can anticipate this and establish periods that are consistent with the current situation.