March 2, 2020

5 Tips to Improve your House Before Selling It

By Mario Meyer
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How to raise the appraised value of your home is one of the most frequent doubts when it comes to placing a home on the real estate market. Whether it is to rent or sell property, making the most of it is often one of the most common concerns for any owner. The lease leaves more room for maneuver to be adding improvements with which, gradually, you can increase the value of your house, an issue that, in the case of sale is somewhat more limited.

In any of the scenarios, undertaking small repairs or reforms can bring great benefits that, in practice, translate into better sales conditions.

1. Keys to increase the value of your house: what you should know

Ordinary mortals will not be surprised by the affirmation that a renovated house is a scenario much more likely to increase its value at the time of sale than those that offer an outdated or deteriorated appearance. However, the first thing to be clear about the keys to increase the value of a house is that the ultimate goal of any action in this regard is to make a profit.

2. The first impression is what remains

The view is that sensory capacity that allows us to interpret what surrounds us according to criteria of light, size, color … But also, it is a great ally when it comes to captivating a potential buyer. Popular wisdom values ​​the importance of first impressions and, in this sense; the aesthetic aspect is one of the details that you should not overlook if you want to increase the value of your house before selling it.

3. The importance of the kitchen

The aesthetic question is not the only one that you have to prioritize if you are thinking about how to increase the appraised value of your house. Inside the home, there are rooms that, whether due to their functionality or its recent boom, require certain attention. The kitchen is one of those rooms, a space that must not only be outlined as a practical but also inspiring setting.

4. Inspiration in the bathroom

Another trick to revalue any home is to give a good overview of this room. How? It all depends on the budget and, once again, on the expected return on investment. If you do not want to invest too much in renovations, you can, for example, paint the tiles, change the mirror, make sure that the electrical installation is correct, and, of course, make it clean when you put it up for sale.

5. The walls, great allies

But if there is an extremely practical resource when it comes to revaluing your home before selling it, those are the walls. Painting a house is synonymous with refreshing environments, completely transforming its appearance and improving its attractiveness. Freshly painted walls can change the image of the home, not only because they add cleanliness to the atmosphere, but also because they are perfect to serve other purposes.

What other tricks to revalue your house before selling it have you put into practice?