December 16, 2019

Should I decorate my home for sale?

By Mario Meyer
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To the question of the header, I would say yes, but not just decorate. You will see that it is simpler to repurposing and you will need much less money. Rather, it is about adapting the home so that it looks nice and generates a good impression on potential buyers. The first impression is an important factor for those who have homes for sale.

This is a list of what to do:

Repair defects: It is very important that nothing is broken or in poor condition. The best is to remove or repair old and damaged objects as best as possible. You also should be sure there are no water losses, broken walls, fallen doors or detached paint.

Clean: It goes without saying, but just in case … it is essential to thoroughly clean all environments so they look flawless and with pleasant aromas.
Distribute the furniture: The furniture must be located in such a way that it does not obstruct the way. If the environment is small, remove unnecessary furniture; remember that there should be a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity.

Order: As we said everything has to be clean and tidy. We probably will have to remove all the things we use every day. You should leave only some objects that create a special climate on the site, such as a few books, fresh flowers or lamps.

Clear personal items: There must be no personal or family items, such as photographs, children’s toys, or any other item that the potential buyer reminds the locals. On the contrary, he has to imagine living there.

Use neutral colors: The colors of the walls and other elements that we use should be neutral and clear. Nowadays people are looking for bright and spacious houses, and these colors make the environments look like this.

Illuminate: In addition to favoring lighting with colors, it is good that the house is illuminated with artificial light if necessary. If for some reason you have a corner that can look very dark, place a lamp right there, so there are no sectors in the gloom.

Scent: And finally try to have pleasant smells in the house. They say that this increases the welfare state of people and will surely make visitors and potential buyers feel better.

Something that you should keep in mind is that the house should not be decorated to your liking, or suitable to your family, but that a standard, simple. To be pleasant for a greater amount of people a spacious and tidy environment should be created.

Source: The Perthshire Chamber Of Commerce